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I'm back!


NAXJA Forum User
As you have probably noticed, I had taken absent rather suddenly and I have only just returned. Don't ask - I shan't go into details (no, I won't even answer direct email or PM on the subject, so don't ask. I'll delete any of those I get without answering...)

Suffice it to say that I don't expect this sort of thing to happen often. Anyhow, I've come up with some rather odd ideas which may be coming to light soon, once I can make them a little more solid and easier to discuss.

I have gotten my PM's from my absence - even if I didn't answer them (I got them all yesterday, once I got our new home online!)

Anyhow, let me be the first to welcome myself back to my home from home, and I look forward to hearing any input on my new forms of insanity...

wow..... I just saw that 5-90 posted in non-tech and I did a double take.... can it be?

I've been talking with someone a while ago and your name came up as being one of the ones missing from NAXJA recently :) :)

Welcome back.....

Be sure to send me your new postal and e-mail addresses. I think we both have tales to exchange.

Welcome back.