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  • It's going fantastic. We can actually afford a house and we both found jobs that are incredible. The wife is a working as a programmer for a computer game company, and I found a position as a staff engineer with a company that specializes in toxic waste remediation. I've already been assigned to a Superfund Site in Texas that's a former oil refinery. I should be onsite in Texas sometime in earlier '08 to supervise initial construction of the remediation system.

    Jill's company is actually contracted with the DoD to produce simulators programs for the military. The last project that they worked on was the next generation tank simulator. So her stuff is really neat-O too.

    And the people are so nice out here. My coworkers ranges clear across the spectrum of politics and religion, which is really fun too since there's atleast one weekly friendly argument about politics or religion. And no one get's all butt hurt because someone has a different point of view. Well, that's not entirely true, the engineering department is pretty levelheaded, but the other side of the building is filled a bunch of stupid, closed minded hippy liberals that even irritate me.

    And the politics! It's feels so good to be in a State where my vote matters. . . .

    Anyway, thank you for dropping a line. Hope SoCal isn't treating you too horribly. :)

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