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  • The IC Chapter elections have been posted since January 6. There were three votes for each office, probably meaning that the three officers voted for themselves and each other. Since they were running unopposed, can we stick a fork in it and call it done? SandySteve, once and probably future Secretary-Treasurer.
    Can you do me a big favor and delet the pic that has the license plate showing with the ID legible of the Suzuki Grand Vitara in the After Goatfest thread? I passed the return inspection with flying colors but they didnt crawl under it.

    Greatly appreciated

    I'm at work in downtown from 10a-7p generally. If you're not in a hurry right now I can let you know when I do my next Orange County day and you can pick it up from me in Santa Ana so you don't have to make so long a trek.
    Hey dude, when are you available for me to pick up the fan and clutch? I work mon-friday 1-9:30. Thanks again

    Hey Geoff,
    Where do I get some of those WFW WWU stickers?
    Im getting ready to make a custom tie rod and Ill trade you one for some stickers!
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