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  • Hey Eric, my name is Chris, I met you at the reno off road expo, we talked about the sierra fest, and young old me to come on up, so I officially became a supporting naxja member and I will be attending the deer valley/ slick rock portion, possibly thenrubicon run as well. Anyways thanks and I will see ya then..
    Hi Eric,

    Bought your book years ago and it help me get started. I have been a member for a long time but dont get a lot of oppotunity to wheel. I did the Rubicon in August with a friend who has a FJ80 and a guy that has a 95 YJ on 31" and open diff's. We has a good time dispite me pulling the YJ through mostly everything. I made it through with out body damadge but through a pinion bearing and roasted the gears on my way home comming down 80. I plan on going through the Con this summer again with my buddy that has a FJ80 on 35" tubbed out and was wondering if you and your friends are planning the same and maybee we can tag along.
    Hey, just touching base on joining the Sierra Chapter. I'm located in Paradise,Ca.

    PS, good read. it's been helpful for ideas on my xj.
    Hey Eric, I picked up your book before I started my XJ, oh maybe a year ago now. I refer to it as my bible!!!! I reference it often, so thanks! I was also wondering where I could get some more info on some of the custom do-dads I saw on some of the rigs? Clayton
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