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  • Hey man. Just posted to the Modified Forum with this question. Thought I'd ask you direct. Lotta details missing on the current LJ lift but suffice it to say I don't want 6+" of lift to run 35s. BTW regear to 5.13 from 4.10 in the works.. 6spd.

    'Can I hear some opinions on MC DR coils? Sound really good and I like them on the front of the XJ and now considering them for the new TJUR on all 4 corners but got a wild reply on another forum:

    "The "dual rate" term is complete bullshit for TJ springs, no matter what MC claims. Go with quality springs like from Rockjock, which used to be known as Currie before Rockjock split off with John Currie running RJ."


    Goal on the LJ is to lower the lift from a net of 6"+ to 3.5-ish. and still run 35s with MC Overline fenders.
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