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Tail light conversion


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Mesa, AZ
Just got it finished but I dont have anything to host the pics on.

hope this link works, if not go to Camo-XJ.myjeeppage.com and click on Camo-XJ Transformation, its at the bottom of the page.

I also relocated the rear shock mounts and shaved the 8.25 by 1/2". Those pics are on the Tech Page 1.
Nice XJ Xjluvr! Thanks for posting the pic Rev Den....
giranger said:
Nice XJ Xjluvr! Thanks for posting the pic Rev Den....
Thank you sir, I really do like your tail lights, Rustys is suppose to be building some now also, i may wait till he starts selling his and take a closer look at them. Or build my own with LEDs.
I would have done the LED's but they are $40 each, and the regular ones at walmart are only $10 each. Lets see, $80 or $20? I'll go with 2 tail lights for $20 (jepardy). The next set I'm gonna make I'll take some more time into them and see what I can sell them for. I've got more pics and all the diminsions on paper if you want, Just shoot me a PM with your Email addy. Later Jeff CamoXJ