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Take2 ZJ parts on my daily driver XJ

Da XJ nut

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The Gump area
I have finally finished modifying my XJ trans to 4wd and installed the 242 transfer case from the 97 ZJ to my 97 XJ and swapped in a 93 ZJ d30 to the front. No front drive shaft yet or shifter for T case yet but it's in the works. still driving it daily but i did notice a slight difference in feel on road and miles per tank but no worries yet. Going to 3 inch lift with 31's to keep it mild and swapped the built 97 ZJ axles into the 93 ZJ I just bought last month. Moving forward with the XJ is going to be painting it followed by what lift to use or piece together for ride comfort and light dirt trail riding every once in a while. it is my daily driver, building the ZJ for trails and play. I might be doing this backwards. Do I keep the ZJ to daily and build the XJ as trail / play !!!1 but please don't :hang: me
Advise is appreciated on which to build for trail vs daily. both are stock except for the 90% complete on 4wd conversion to XJ but neither have lift or anything yet. well the XJ has JKS shackles and coil spacers at top of front springs when I got it.
One major consideration would be the ZJ uses a LP D30 which is definitely not the most desired axle.
Zj would be the more comfortable daily. Not too up on zjs if it's the 4.0 and aw4 I would trail the xj.

My ZJ is the 4.0 with 42RE and NP 242. And I have built ZJ HP dana 30 with 3:73 gears and the dana 35 rear both locked and chromoly axle shafts, upgraded u-joints all was done out of a 97 that I got that was rolled going into the 93 ZJ. The LP dana 30 3:55 gear was going into the XJ temporarily until I decided to go with some rockwells or axles from a Rover. If I build the XJ for trail toy. But thanks for the feedback