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Moab June 2010


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Lebanon, TN
I wanted to post this up in the SE chapter to see if anyone else may be interested. TheChief86 and myself are planning a trip to Moab in June of 2010. If you're the slightest bit interested post up. We're still working out the fine details and would love to get a big SE group going.
LOL. You'll either be broke or rich depending on how the trip turns out right? Just play quarter slots. LOL.
WOOOOT! you guys have NO IDEA how excited i am about this trip! i will most certainly be going, even if i have to sell organs to afford it! i would like to make it a fairly long trip, allowing 3-4 days there, 3-4 days back, and whatever i can afford while i'm there. i want to do hells revenge, and possibly golden spike, and again, whatever else i can while i'm there! i want to take lots of pictures, and camp just about every night, to save as much money for fuel as possible!:D if all goes well, i'll be taking a grand wagoneer, which tends to be a little thirsty. everybody on here is more than welcome to join in, and possibly we could meet some of our western NAXJA brethren!
you're prolly right... will your xj make it out there? i wanna draft 18 wheelers the whole way to save gas:D, and i might be towing brian's jeep, which will lower my mpg a bit...
chief are you telling me that your going to drive the trail rig out to moab wheel it and drive it home??

that would be an awesome story in JP or JPF magazines... the wagoneers journey.
ha! you're right! i'm gonna take a buttload of pictures, maybe i should keep a journal on the trip and send it in! it's actually not designated the trail rig, but rather the dependable one(hopefully) by the time i get my motor built. i think as long as i'm careful i can have a lot of fun, and make it back in one piece!:party:
I was thinking about a trip to southwest Texas in the summer of 2010 to do a wheeling trip to Big Bend National Park, but I would be up to considering Moab instead...especially if there is a large group going from TN or the SEC.

Any idea on dates?
Lol, I don't play the quarter slots... last time I went I made some pretty big hits on the penny machines though. I won $160, but only made $90 when it was all said and done. That was ok though, I didn't complain!
I'm freakin' in!!!

been waitin' for a MOAB trip to show up...

i'm gonna say, a trip to MOAB will overrule the crawl for me, if i had to choose between the two. but if the crawl is close, i'll do what i can to make it.

...hmm, which jeep should i take?
i wanna take lots of pics, vs. "conquering" certain obsticales...

time to start planning/saving!!!