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Rubicon Trail Foundation Work Day June 8th 2024


Nevada Raisins
NAXJA Member
Hey guys! Sorry ive been MIA since stepping down from the BOD. It was time others stepped up and i took on more responsibilities with the RTF. I have taken over cantina for the con and am the director in charge of the property.

With that we have a work day coming up June 8th at trashcan hill on the rtf property. We have a helicopter setup to bring in 160 bags in friday June 7th and need to pour it asap. So we are planning on starting the work at 10am the 8th. We are looking for volunteers and figured id see if anyone from the chapter would like to show support and come check out the property. The RTF will be providing dinner Saturday night after the work is done. Email me at [email protected] and RSVP so we have plenty of food!