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WITC on the 6th of feb


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Hey i just thought i would throw out the invite for WITC on the 6th of feb. More then welcome to join us, I still havent made it down there yet and everyone says its alot of fun, so come on out, have some fun.
pending test schedule i could prob come up there and show you around.

what kind of jeep are you taking?
Cool come on up . Its a 94 cherokee with a 4 in lift. I just got this jeep and not sure what it will do and what it wont, but im willing to find out,,,lol. I do know its open both front and rear. Ive been rebuilding on this one and curious to see what it will do.
i might be able to come, depending on school and wife.;) if i do come, i'll be in my xj waggy, possibly with a welded rear axle, if i can just build up the cahoneys to do it.
im requestion off tomorrow for this ride.
Naw man this is a diff jeep. after i broke the mounts on the jeep when we were all at woolys i traded it for a mustang, then i started missing my jeep so i got me another one. this is a 94 4 door cherokee, 32x11.5 mudders, lifted about 5 in''. havent been able to take it out yet and cant wait to go. Dont worry bout what ya say around my kids, they have heard it all before, they just know them are the adults words, prob will be my boy only with me this time.. My berfday was yesterday and yall im getting old. Im 43 now..lol.. now if i can figure out how to post a pic of the jeep i will.
did you get that one from spencer? black with km2's and a locked dana 35 in the rear? if so, the lift, tires, and axles used to be on my jeep! i had to sell my jeep, and it got stripped and scrapped:(
i dont member the guys name i got it from, he said he only had it a short while and was scared of it and that he got it from a guy name auther.However ya spell it.. from springfield.. the pic didnt work i see
nope, not the one i was thinkin of, but nice heep nonetheless! i hope i get to wheel with you sometime! i know a great spot in madison, but it's a closely guarded secret:D
maybe we can tear it up sometime!
I think I can make this one to

Wanting to try out the new KM2's

Ill know more around that time, but for now Im in!!!!!!!

ill be rockin this hunk a junk! (hopefully)