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Tips on lubricating the hood hinges?

Rob Mayercik

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NJ, U.S.A.
XJ is temporarily back on daily driver duties while my normal commuter is down with a coolant leak.

Opened the hood last night to check the oil, and the driver's side hinge "popped" just as I started to lift it and release the secondary (safety) catch. After that it seemed OK.

It was then that I realized that while I've occasionally lubed the latches and related linkages for the hood release over the years, I've never given any thought to the hinges themselves until now.

I did try this morning to shoot some white lithium in past where the hinge arms come through the firewall (and sprayed the sides of the arms themselves, but I was pretty much firing blind. Is there a better way to get at the actual pivots so I can get some white lithium grease on them? After 32 years I'd have to think they'd appreciate some greasing...
In those instances I always use lubes the can flow (creep) up into all the areas.
That's why I tried white lithium - see to recall the label claiming to do that. I may just have not hit the right spots yet, and the can was almost empty. Will pick up another can over the weekend and try again.
I have never seen a spray grease that flows more than a few seconds. I'm talking about something like CLP that flows for days!
And Im talking about uphill against gravity!!!
Two that I use are Boeshield T-9, and Super Slick Slick Stuff. There are definite pros and cons to the "Slick Stuff, though. Pros: Dry lube, great as a penetrant, you can immediately see it break rust loose. Cons: I have just one con that I have ran across. If you are not VERY careful to keep the can upright when spaying you will run out of propellant before you run out of liquid.

I have to agree with RCP on the spray grease.
Will keep those in mind, thanks for the suggestions.