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Please Help If you Can


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Hey Guys,

This is hard and embarrassing to post. I am not one who usually asks for help but I need some if anyone is willing and lives in the Boston area (Weymouth, MA)

My wife and I have been renting my friend's house for the last few months.
They primarily live and work in CA and offered us the opportunity to rent their house in MA at a discounted rate IF I was willing to manage their property while they were away.
The agreement was for us to live there until September BUT...

A week and a half ago he called me and told me that his wife packed all her things and was on her way back to the house in MA and that he was filing for a Divorce.

This woman is not a nice person, to say the least, and has been going above and beyond to make everyone else's life hell. So, before she arrived my wife and I decided to leave before she showed up at the house.

Long story short, she is now denying us access to the house to get our belongings and yesterday put all our things in garbage bags outside. But the worst part is that my jeep is on Jack-stands in the driveway bc I was redoing the entire brake assembly and replacing the axles.

This caught us with our pants down and have since been forced to stay in a hotel room and time and money is running out. I just need to get the Jeep back on the road.

I have everything off and have installed new ball joints..But I need help bc we don't have much more time until the $ runs out. I just need to get the Jeep back on the road ASAP so I can get back to work and find a new place.

-Break pads
-CV axels

Here is my recent thread: https://naxja.org/threads/making-the-frame-purdy.1168090/page-3

All pretty simple. But I am by no means an expert mechanic and time is now against us. Everything I've ever learned is from this forum and YouTube. If we were still living there it wouldn't be an issue bc I would have time to figure everything out by myself and it would have already been finished by now.

My biggest dilemma with this is that I snapped the passage side hard break-line. I bought pre-bent lines but need the most help installing them and routing them. If anyone on here is in the area and can help us out getting the jeep back on the road I would be indebted to you. I don't have much money at the moment but promise I can compensate you as soon as we get back on our feet. I just want to make it clear that I am not asking for any charity or hand-outs. Just help to get the jeep back on the road so we get our lives back on track.

usually, we wouldn't be in this situation but recently had some unexpected expenses just bc of normal life circumstances. This all couldn't have happened at a worse time.

I can't imagine it taking anymore than 2 hours with someone's help. All the tools and parts are ready and in the jeep to finish. If there is anyone out there who could help please, please lmk. We didn't know this was going to happen and our lives have been turned upside down and am in dire need of some help.

I will tell you something though...The power of prayer is unreal. I know this is just temporary and know that everything happens for a reason and that new doors are opening. So if anyone else out there is in a tough spot..It's just going to get better. We just gotta keep the faith.

C'mon fellas. Nobody is in the area that can help me with the breaklines?
Guess I have to go doorknocking on the houses with the jeeps in their driveways. lol
If the old leaking brake line is still there, just pinch it shut, top off the master cylinder, and carefully drive your jeep to another location for repairs.
Across the country from you else I’d be happy to have a couple slices of your pizza and a couple drinks and turn some wrenches.
Across the country from you else I’d be happy to have a couple slices of your pizza and a couple drinks and turn some wrenches.

You are posting in the right place. The forum just isn't as active as it used to be.

You are posting in the right place. The forum just isn't as active as it used to be.

Bummer being I'm on the wrong coast as well, and I have all the brake line tools needed for any era vehicle.

ETA: Don't know exactly why, but it's always more fun helping someone with their junk than it is working on your own. This club is full of great people, just be patient. If possible.
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Wrong coast but would be there to help. If you havent already, might look on FB for a local jeep club or the FB NAXJA NAC group.

Unfortunately the forums dont get as much traffic as they used to even though they are the best source for information. The FB groups are at this point a better source for quick help or posting things for sale. Best of luck.

And I agree that folding over the break line and using a pair of vice grips to hold it shut should get you good enough to move the jeep to a better place to work on it as a last resort..