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Golden Mountain Speedway & Off-Road Park


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NAXJA Member
Middle Tennessee
I just got some information today that Golden Mountain is reopening in 2024.

Golden Mountain Speedway and Off-Road Park is located in Sparta, TN. NAXJA SEC has been at this park before and while fairly small, it was a lot of fun for people looking for a daytrip.

They do have a pavilion, restrooms, and camping areas but I haven't heard what the condition is of them at this time.

Right now I can only find information on Face Book. They don't seem to have a website yet but maybe they will get one soon.

I just thought this could be fun for a lot of the middle TN and Cumberland Plateau people.

Sparta and Cookville are fairly close by. This park is about an hour from me so I will probably go check it out once the trails open.
I heard about that today. Great news. I was supposed to go to the SFWDA’s event at Golden Mountain for several years, and was never able to make it. I’ll be out there to check it out once it opens.
Did anyone ever go to the Dixie Run when it was held at GM? I knew some guys who went and posted pictures. It seemed like a ton of people for what looks like a small trail system.
Saw this on FB. Maybe I'll get to ride there someday if it lasts.
Closest town is Centerville. Where are you?
I'm in Woodbury. I'm about an hour from GM.

They just did a big trail clean-up and work day last weekend to get things opened back up.