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Weekly pic 'contest'!

That's my old 96! With Dharma up front and center. Always wonder what happened to that rig.

I always wonder that about my '94. I sold it in 2005 to someone in the Springs and I have never heard of or seen it since.

Here is some more nostalgia for ya.

The Chili Pepper one? Spitting image for mine, right down to the ECCOs and AT's. I knew where it was, and I knew I wasn't there, but thought it my be my predecessor driving it... I bought my 99 before 07 though, so you must be right... its the wookie. :D


Wheelin' in Johnson Valley, CA for KOH17
Wait...you're back in an XJ now? Guess I missed something :laugh:

Mmmmm...the Hammers. If I weren't getting married and such I'd like to head out there this fall.

So next Spring it is :D

:roflmao: I've had this one for 10ish years, its just been sitting in the garage for a few years....decided it was time to blow the dust off and stretch its legs again. :greensmok

I love the Hammers, never gets old!
A few more




Ahhhh ok.

I thought you had gotten rid of that one when you bough Ash's Truggy, and then moved to the RZR world :D

I tried selling this one when I bought Ash's rig but couldn't get it sold, so I just hung on to it. Still have the UTV as well.....basically, I just have too much s#it! :laugh:
I'm going to be 'that guy' and quote an entire post full of pictures so we all have to scroll through them twice in one thread, to say that is one sexy setup.

Thank ya, sir! :D:thumbup: