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Weekly pic 'contest'!


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So I am going to open up a thread for folks to submit pics they would like to get some love on our social media sites. Pic has to be yours. Has to be of an xj. While time frame doesn't matter we would like. Higher quality pics. These pics will also be the basis for finding images for swag or fliers.

*if you post in here you are granting us permission to use and publish your image*

We ask only one submission of the same pic per week.

This will be the co chapter pic thread if you will. Pics of working on your rig. Wheeling. Camping. Clean shots. Pulling your small trailers. Before and afters. All that works. I'm limiting submissions to the board not on social media.

Thanks guys!!!
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If you could do me a favor as well, please include a description with any pics. I'll randomly be sharing some and would like to include location and what's going on. Then each week one will be selected to be the banner of the FB page. Thanks!

Penrose about 2011-2012ish.
Doing Cherokee stuff (Folding like a taco?)...
By posting a photo we agree to allow the photo to be used for NAXJA promotional purposes, but do we release any other rights to the photo? What other social media sites will the photo be posted on where we cannot control the usage rights?
Kingston Peak Adopt-a-Road run, September of 2015.


I have the original, not sure if I resized it or not.
woot woot little sister is in the back of that one, If you go a year earlier my wk was in it.
Wheeler is still on my list of trails to see!