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  • Do you remember Arron from Carson City? I need to replace my front ball joints. I remember the guy I bought my axels from name was Aaron and I think his on line name was Turbobrick. Is Turbobrick the guy that lives in Carson City that owns the Locksmith company. I just need to make sure that he did not upgrade the axles so when I get the ball joints I get the right ones.
    Jon, I got the Hiem and bushing changed out on my track bar. I took a reading with my angle finder. The ground was 0 and with the angle finder on the inside of the tire on the flat part of the knuckle the reading was 4* on the side closes to the rear.

    Is this a neg reading? Am I looking for a neg or pos reading.
    Hey sierra fest is the Aug 8th-13th down south near madera? Just making sure to prepare. What days are you going to go?
    I'll be at slick rock as well this weekend, do u have a cb, and if so we will be on channel 4 so we can meet up, we might just camp at duck creek, some friends from rccrawler are having a scale crawler event, but they are all camping at staging area.
    the beauty of Blue Cabin we can all kick it inside , no need to set up camp there is a master bedroom upstairs, downstairs bunk beds, couple sofas and room to lay out bags inside . If we get a huge crew there is room to camp outside also. Nice place with toilets and kitchen . Ill probably kick down my buddy Jonn some cash as a Thank You. Normally he just gives me the key when I want to go up. oh my real name is Rich and I might be bringing up my kids ,Got a 17 year old son Richie and 16 year old Daughter Cheri and maybe her girl friend Michelle.My wife Monique doesnt do well on the trail but might bring her up to stay at the Cabin while we wheel. Also she can bring Up the Van and Trailer if we have a major breakdown . When it getsPi closer we can coordinate the logistics be able to caravan up the hill Thursday. Call me any time until the 24th ill be on the road drivin.g my truck . As long as my blue tooth is charged and Im not sleeping I am available to talk. 916-842-4148
    Sounds good Jon... was actually thinking about tomorrow afternoon, but this weather means a definite no this weekend. Perhaps Monday since I have the day off.
    D44 and True Trac.... do you have all brake end springs and assembly parts, shoes, and drums, or ???

    Also, would the True Trac work with 4.56 ring and pinion?

    Thank you.
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