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  • Hey,

    Just registered for WF. I signed up for MI on Friday and Difficult for Saturday. I'd be willing to lead or gun Intermediate on Saturday instead though. I should be down there Wednesday night so pre-running intermediate, so long as someone can show me the way, shouldn't be any problem.

    i just got on to register and found out its already closed. is there any way to still
    reserve shirts for my wife and i. one med one lg. i'll pay the $50 if needed,we will definitely be there.sorry for the inconvenience, please let me know, many thanks btwalker0401
    Hey, when I joined Naxja, did that also include mwc or is that seperate? Do I need to do anything else besides register to go to WF?

    Thanks in advance,

    Randy Fritz
    I had this message come to me this morning. I know of the person he is talking about and it's not the first time i've heard about him trying to recruit members from NAXJA. Message below.

    I just had a few questions for you.
    What would grounds for a lifetime ban be?
    I know of someone fishing for members here on naxja torecruit for another site. That person has also collected funds in the name of charity and ohv benefit only to use the money for personal gain. This is not the first time this issue has been accused of him. He is a blemish on the ohv community and I can't imagine this great club would continue to accept him.
    Previously member Amunoz was removed and banned from naxja because he was selling parts and scammed a handful of folks in the community. I find strong parallels with amunoz and this other person.
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