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Tech Requirements

Fore Wheeler

MWC President
NAXJA Member
All vehicles must have the following equipment to attend the off road portion of MWC sponsored events:
• Legally required automobile insurance and registration;
• Visibly charged Fire extinguisher; The MWC strongly suggests that at least 5lbs of fire extinguisher capability be on each vehicle.
• First Aid Kit;
• Tow strap (no metal hooks allowed);
• Safety belts anchored to factory mounts or vehicle frame;
• Spare tire, jack, and lug wrench; or alternate approved setups.
• Adequate tow points both front and rear, properly attached. NO welded hooks allowed.
• Proper battery tie down (no bungee straps)
• FRS will be used for Winterfest

If the vehicle has a winch, you must have leather (or equivalent) gloves and an item to control the cable in the event of a sudden loss of tension.

Vehicles will be inspected to meet this requirements prior to participation in the event.


Any exceptions will be at the discretion of the Winterfest Trail Master