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RenoFest 2024 Event Rig Requirements


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Sacramento, CA
Hello all,

Please see the attached checklist that we will be using for the vehicle Inspection prior to giving you a tech sticker for your rig.

This Tech checklist is a simplified list from the stickied "Rig Requirements" thread but we do expect everyone to have the additional parts/tools to work on your own rig if something was to go wrong.

Quick recap from the "Rig Requirements" thread

-Safety belts for driver and any current passenger (belts must be worn at all times while vehicle is moving!)
-Visibly charged fire extinguisher (BC or ABC)
-First aid kit
-Secured battery (no bungee cords or Ratchet straps!)
-CB radio, HAM, FRS radio, something to communicate on the trail
-32" min. tire size rec. If smaller tire, you may be asked to ride with someone on harder trails.
-No Dana 35s
-Dana 30 - Spare front axle shafts - No 260 joints (Small u-joints). Also have tools to swap shafts
-If you have a dana 30, Highly recommended to carry at least one set of spare ball joints with your spare shafts
-Spare rear shafts if you have a 27 spline 8.25.
-tow strap (Without metal hooks)
-tow points front and rear
-Spare tie rod and drag link if you are running 33's or larger and still have stock steering.
- Do not run knowingly broken , marginal, failing, or weak parts (don't bring a clogged radiator and overheating problems, a rig with a bad alternator, etc.
-Ensure all suspension bolts are torqued to spec and all steering and suspension joints are in good shape
- 4 good tires and a spare are a must (exceptions made for spare tire for tire repair kit & air compressor)
-Bring adequate tools, sensors, and parts to fix your rig for the most likely failures
-Know how to work on your rig and know the rig’s and your limits

Stuff that is nice to have (Highly Recommended):

-T-case skid, gas skid, LCA skids
-If you care about body damage, get some rock sliders, decent bumpers
-Appropriate gearing for tire size.
-Spare serpentine belt (especially if you run a non-stock belt)
-spare fuel if you are unsure
-spare ratchet straps


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