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Rear Bumper fabrication/strength questions


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Fabricating rear bumpers, question about strength

[relevent sketches here](https://imgur.com/gallery/jr0FUNU)

Ok so i am making my own bumper and i want to make sure that how I join my sections is going to have enough strength. Main bumper body is 2x6 and the arms to the body would be 2x4. Arms will be something like [this](https://images.app.goo.gl/WuLjJL9uqYLfxbf36)
The big D-ring holders are 1/2" plate.
My winch goes into the reciever, so this setup needs enough strength to tow whatever i put behind it and be able to winch without it falling off the body.
1) should i notch out the main body so the arms go completely through Allowing me to weld on both front and back?
2) should i put some sort of plates (one on each side of the d-ring braket) to then add strength and plug the hole in front?
3) should i put some sort of stiffener on the sides of the reciever, and if so what would that look like?
4) can i align the arms and reciever with the bottom as shown in pictures or do i need to leave some meat there and move it up more?

Hey thanks a bunch guys!

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