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Steering Redo.... Questions before I dive in.

That might be some of the problem. H!ve you done a alignment? What size tires and rims?

265/70's on some 17x9 Ballistic Off Road wheels. I bought it from a friend of mines son. He owns a tire/alignment shop and his son runs the shop. I know he checked everything out before I bought it. It drives good, it's just rough. I think the hint of death wobble is the track bar bushings on the axle side. It's the only thing that has slack in it. I haven't changed it yet because I was trying to figure out which way I was going with it. I don't drive it all the time. Maybe once or twice every two weeks.
Most shops do not know how to deal with lifted vehicles, ask him what specs he set it at!
Post a pic of your trackbar/draglink angles.
Most shops do not know how to deal with lifted vehicles, ask him what specs he set it at!

I'm not saying that it's absolutely right without a doubt, but I have faith in him. And they're Jeep people. I doubt he remembers what it's at. I know if I was the one that sold it, I most likely wouldn't. I'll have to get pictures sometime. I don't have any right now.
All that is easy to check and all of it is important to make a decision on how to proceed going forward.
I've figured out what I'm going to do...... Make everyone on here mad. Haha! But seriously, I'm going to buy and install a SYE first. Then I'm going to slap on a ZJ tie rod and a Rough Country long arm upgrade kit. �� I can get a good deal on one and I know, I know..... The flex ends. I'll wear them out and replace them. No big whoop.
It's not a bad kit, you still need to work on the steering/trackbar angles!
I would also try to find some rubber brushed ends for the uppers, radius arms don't like hard joints!