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Looking for some advice/input.

I will eventually lock both. At the moment both axles are out on their work bench. They're getting cleaned and painted. I got it in my head "you've gone this far, just a little more...".
But, since I have 3.55 gears, to lock the front (and maybe the rear, 8.25) I have to get a selectable locker either for 3.53 down (to stay with stock gears) or 3.73 up (to regear). Here's my hangup. I really only want to do it all at once and buy once.
The 8.25 doesn't have a carrier break so it could be now regardless of your ratio!
With both on the bench. A grizzly front locker and 4.56 gears are calling. Save some pennies and install 4.56 gear on 8.25 open carrier.

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