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OEM Transfer Case Skid Plate ?


NAXJA Forum User
Tucson, AZ
Can anyone tell me the part number(s) for the inserts or maybe an alternate way to attach a stock transfer case skid plate?

I can probably get a nut and washer into the t-case member but the frame rail is another story.

I'm gong to go down to a Home Depot (rumor has it they have nutzerts) this weekend and get a few for myself (just spares really, I'm sure I'll destroy at least one while putting it on!) Anyway, I'll get you the Home Depot part number when I do that...deal?
Wow, I never expected Home Depot to have that kinda thing. The P/N would be great.

I don't think I've seen them at my home depot. I found them at a real hardware store. If you find a place that has a hundred little slide out box/containers, they'll probably have them. The ones I have also need a little tool to install them. It looks like a double thick nut but with no threads inside.