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November 2016 Events


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Sandy, UT
A trail run for November is totally open for suggestions. We have planned nothing, but if I get my new leaf spring installed I plan on making at least one run and will let you know where and when.
The meet and greet is tentatively scheduled for Friday November 18 at Cubbys in Lehi (maybe it's Chubby's, I read the posting pretty quickly and can't type worth a d*mn after straining my right hand busting loose the bolts to get the broken leaf spring off the XJ). Cheers all, and hope to see some of you at this event.
Tom Huston (Old Man) is trying to organize a White Rim Trail run the beginning of that week. If you are interested, you could contact him. He posted up in the Fall Fling 2016 topic under events.
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:lecture:OK, we did not have any takers for either a trail ride or the meet and greet. I travel on business about one week per month, so I haven't volunteered for any position other than secretary-treasurer. Someone, if you are interested in this group, post up in the elections and nominate yourself, someone else, or anything to keep the group active. Myself, I am out of the country a good part of December just to illustrate that I would be hard-pressed to be president or VP.