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Moab 2003 Trail Leaders needed


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Wasatch Range
October may seem a long ways off, but you'll be packing up and wrenching on the last minute mods to your rig before you know it.
We're putting the finishing touches on the Trail Schedule and need to nail down leaders for each trail. Due to permit requirements that are imposed by the BLM, we will be offering Official Trail Runs on Tuesday thru Sunday, Oct 7th-12th. The number of official daily runs will be in alignment with the permit requirements set forth by the BLM.

If you have Moab trail experience, have been a trail leader on runs in the past, or you just want to keep your Jeep free of dust by running up front:rolleyes:, please share your skills with us for this event.

Apparently the previous post for leaders got dumped with the recent server problems, so let me know what type of trail you are willing to lead (be specific if you have a favorite) and what days you will be available to do so.

Thanks in advance for stepping up to help make this the best NAXJA hosted event yet.

Moab 2003 Trail Coordinator
Deja vu!:confused:

Okay, one more time. Since I'll be out there over a week ahead of time, I'll probably be worn out and more than willing to take on simpler stuff by the time the official event starts.

So count on me for: Shafer (extension to Musselman Arch and maybe Lathrop Canyon spur to the river); a light moderate loop to Top of the World, Rose Garden Hill(down), Fisher Towers; maybe a partial Lockhart Basin run (through Hurrah Pass, Chicken Corners, to the side trail that goes to the river); and, if there are some more adventuresome types - a light moderate ride to the Confluence over Elephant Hill in the Needles District.

Closer to town, maybe Porcupine Rim also. Although I haven't actually been on that one.

I'm in better shape than previous years to lead, since I picked up this garage-sale front bumper :D that I can mount the Warn8000i on.

Definitely looking forward to getting past Sharon, Ohio this year! :(

Mike in NJ :patriot:
Once again!

NAXJA has done a lot for me over the past 2 1/2 years, I want to give something back. I'll be a trail leader this time... anything but the hardcore stuff.

I scouted a really nice loop through Arches last year, Klondike Bluffs and Tower Arch trails. That will be an easy/moderate trail. Dino tracks, anybody? :)

If nobody else offers, I'll lead Moab Rim. I was really looking forward to running it last year but it got boinked at the last minute. I ran it on Sunday, it only took a couple of hours for 2 Cherokees to do it

I'll also help on Hell's Revenge day, do you need someone to take the moderate group?

How about a marathon White Rim Trail run? Just for the people who can keep a fast pace on a one day, 100-mile trail. Maybe on Monday, before the official runs?

I'm also taking my mountain bike. If anybody wants, I can orginize a NAXJA day at the Slickrock Trail or Amasa Back (Cliffhanger).

I'll be in Moab next week, I'll run some trails and see what else I am comfortable leading. Let me know what else I can do to help out!
Didn't I reply to this last week? Or was I just having a flashback?:D

Count me in for anything difficult to insane. Can lead or follow. XJ with 44F/60R, winch, 1st aid kit, 2 x CPR qualified.

Will be there the whole week, driven most of the trails passable by an XJ.

I vote for Helldorado, lower and upper, Rusty Nail, Pritchett, Proving Grounds. Am also looking forward to the Hells Revenge group trail and any of the night time runs.

You did respond, the thread got dumped with the server problems last week.......
Thanks for stepping up Grant, we'll definately have to do some "unofficial" night runs. Proving Grounds may or may not be open to the public anymore......I've heard that it's going to be the site for an RCAA run in mid-May.
Much to my dismay, we won't be doing the Hell's Revenge group run this year, due the size that we've become and the BLM restrictions that we must adhere to.

Moab 2003 Trail Coordinator
Pretty sure I replied to this also. I'll lead/ tail gun anything from upper moderate to insane. I can handle doing it more than once if need be too. I definately want to be in on the Helldorado crew, especially if Grant has his tube thingy going by then. I wanna watch Richard tear up his junk in there too :D

Jeff, if PG is closed off guess we'll have to do a night run on Escalator, the Gate is gettin' to be old news;) Anybody found out the moon phase yet?


I see folks are making this climb, so I think I'm gonna give it a shot this year. Better make it the last day;)
Yup, saw on Pirate that Johnny G, Shafer and Greg from safariguard (?) climbed that unassisted at EJS. WOW!

Hey Sean, I will have the tube frame thingy done by then, just a pile of tube now, but I have been waiting for Jacob's to get the "guinea pig" (his tube frame - my name for it) off the chassis table. Some serious bending and welding in the next few weeks.
Sean writes:

Anybody found out the moon phase yet?

Finally we hit the numbers right - Full Moon on Oct 10th!!! :D Looks like the whole official week will have a nightlight.

Mike in NJ :patriot:
Mike and Handlbars,
If your planning Top of the World/Rose Garden, Fisher Towers, Elephant Hill, Klonkike Bluffs/Tower Arch then count me in as at least a participator as all of those are on my to do next list. I would also suggest a "Behind the Rocks tiptoe" to Picture Frame and Pritchett arches. I think that would make a good list of moderate fun for stock/beginner style trail runs. I might be interested in a white rim marathon on Monday
Handlebars if you plan a mountain bike ride I'll bring my bike but I would prefer Porcupine Rim :) Amasa Back would be ok. Slickrock is just getting to be a little old when there is so much left to do.
OneTonXJ said:
Jeff, if PG is closed off guess we'll have to do a night run on Escalator, the Gate is gettin' to be old news;) Anybody found out the moon phase yet?


A nearly full moon all week will be perfect........ so you think HG is played? Then let's run it backwards in the moonlight? A Helldorado night run would be interesting as well..............

I could dig a Helldorado night run. A Pritchett night run would be completely sweet, but that's gonna require a major commitment. Talk about no sleep for the next days fun.

I bet SeanP would like to go back and lead the way down LPG if it's gonna be open :rolleyes:

Oh yeah Grant, I see that Shupe flipped it there too, I bet that's what I'm gonna look like too. Time to go get the water spigots.

I don't have any Moab experience, but if you need someone to organize, and sign-up people for a run on the 10th or 11th, then I'd be happy to do that. Just make sure the Jeeps are in the 2"-4" range, so I can come along too.

I will be happy NOT to lead a run this year. :D

I'll have my hands full, I'm sure. This year I'll let someone else go first........that way I can check the line better. :)
Jes said:
That's gonna be mandatory.
I was thinking of a Pritchett Cayon night run. :D


I'm in for that.....10 rigs TOPS, and 33" and locked at both ends are REQUIRED.......{course this is all dependant on my new job letting me off, but I'll at least be there for the weekend}

Jeff: I'd be glad to lead a few trails, but really don't know how much I'll be able to attend (or where I'll be coming from if I do attend) and for how long. Pencil me in for a mid-gun or something.
Heck, with a few built rigs Pritchett shouldn't take more than a couple hours. It's just that long access road back to the main road that sucks.

Jes said:
Heck, with a few built rigs Pritchett shouldn't take more than a couple hours. It's just that long access road back to the main road that sucks.


I've got that GPS'd and know the way out of Pritchett fairly well, but I've been kind of intrigued to just run the canyon back out. The trip back down rockpile and down the little off-camber obstacle just before that make me a little nervous, but they might be fun.
You guys are nuts!! :eek: :D

I like night runs, but Pritchett is too pretty a canyon to run when you can't see the scenery. I'll be sitting around the campfire (or messing with some arrangements) each night.

Now, I might go for a quick night run up Moab Rim for a nice night view of Moab. :D :D
Aw, come on Richard! Ya gettin' soft on us? :rolleyes:
Wasn't the night run on Sledgehammer "tha bomb"? :D :D :D