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  • Richard,
    I have enjoyed your posts over the years. I have some shock questions that I suspect you have answers for. 1. I just switched to a D44 rear that has the lower shock mounts in the original position. Is it better to use those mounts, and thus a longer shock, or move the mounts up and use a shorter shock? It seems that articulation might be better with the longer shock, but with the leaf spring does that really matter? 2. Shock length in general. Sitting in my drive both the front and rear end shock mounting length is about 21". If I use a shock that is 16" compressed and 26" extended it looks like that gives me equal compression and extension. Is this the way I should go? I am running a mostly RE 5.5-6" lift. RE recomends a 16-26" for the rear, but an 18-32" for the front. Why a longer for the front than ther rear? Is it because the front can articulate more than the rear? Thanks for your time and I appreciate your input.
    Hi Richard, I was just checking out pictures from your trip to snake bait. I am planning a trip up to ridgecrest next weekend. just wondering if you had gps coordinates or directions on how to get to snake bait trail. Please let me know. thanks for your time.

    mike 661-205-4510
    hey goatman,
    do you think you are serious about the axles?
    both for 440$???
    if so ill buy the jeep tommorrow for sure. and ill probably throw in some interior parts/exterior and/or engine parts you might need for free with purchase of any axle?
    Nothing more annoying than nursing (another) damn lame-duck BOD through their minefield. They only have 96 days and they want to get all activist NOW? Good googlly moogly.

    I may run for office again. Or then again I may start NAJSA
    Hit refresh and see if your PM box count went up to 750 allowed? I had to do it for the BOD Guest group as a whole... (cant tweak individual PM box allowance, just the group...)
    Hi Richard

    Good lookin KOH shirts. I'll need one in Moab if you have them.

    Did you have chance to fit that TB on?
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