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  • Hi Alex, Hope all is well with you and your better half. Also, hope your work days aren't spent repairing gas pedals (unless there are big bucks in it for you).
    A while back I noticed your inner finders were gone and you had filled the space between your wheel well and the door hinges with what looked like foam insulation or something. How, or with what did you make the form to retain the foam so as to keep it away from the hinges and contour the shape on the inner finder well?
    I believe it would keep most of the dirt off the hinges and maybe make it a little quieter. I'm about to redo my interior (replace carpet & set belts, sound insulation, tie downs, build storage box, look for air line leak, check for rust).
    alex, where did you get the limited slips in your jeep? i was thinking of doing something similar as we get a lot of snow up here.

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