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MJ DD build


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Santa Cruz
Ok so yes, another jeep. This time I want to keep this one! lol

Specs when purchased:
1991 Base Short Bed 4.0 AX15 2wd
All stock
Bench seat
Dana 35 rear
Tool box

Since the past 2 weeks I've owned it:

3.5" lift (T-bird coils and Chevy drop shackle with relocated mounting)
Chopped the fenders
Dodge 1500 rear shocks
2015 Rubicon JK fronts w/ BPE

Bumper builds
8.8 w/ 4.10s
4wd convert(probably a long ways out)
Drive it and enjoy it :D :D

Bought some 33s on 15x10 3" BS ICW Racing rims.. Ended up being free since I bought a set of 31s with new tread on Pacer 15x8 that I sold for $500. Bought both the 33s and 31s for $300. I'll be swapping them to some Trailmaster 15x8 Flat black steelies I got for $160 shipped.

Bought some JK takeoffs off a NAXJA member out here. Ended up breaking one of the rears and discharging the gas. Kept the fronts. Added BPE's from some JY rear sway bar mounts. Small amount of cutting and drilling to fit. Rear shocks from a 1997 Dodge 1500. Basic cheapo Monroe shocks. Had to push out both the bushing sleeves to mount them.

As for now that is it! She sits level and looks damn good. Rides really well too surprisingly enough. This JY lift netted me a total of $90 thus far.

Few pics of the process.

The CL posted pic:

Dog photo bomb

Chopping the fenders...

33's w/ No lift

Lift w/ 33s
Some lift components for those curious!

JK shocks are approximately 2" longer than these stock ones.

Dodge rears were 3" longer than these stock ones (MJs dont have a bar pin in the rear. The stock shocks are also longer than XJ rears. These will probably be about 5" longer than a stock XJ shock)

Pressing out the sleeve was easy

Thunderbird coils next to XJ(Right)

nice man. thats going to be a sweet build and you wont have much money into it!
Those wheels kinda go with those "8-bit" lines. Otherwise, I think they're meh.
Overall, looks good though.
Updates daily folks...
Put these JK XRC front fenders on for some cash also welded on some shock tabs on another MJ. Wasn't clean but a rare bird for sure! He put an XJ sound bar in it thought that was badass... it was a 92 AX15 4x4 SOA 8.25 welded rear with SYE and 70" driveshaft. Having fun working on rigs out here. Another guy has a m715.. I believe thats correct. And wants me to do a cage for him. Headed to his place tomorrow so that will be fun!

Pulled an esploder 8.8 w/ 4.10s and LS for $60 today. Also got some Waggy parts! Decided to pass on the header panel as it had some damage and even with half off.. Finding the replacements wouldn't be worth it. The tail lights were cherry and I can get them for anybody interested!! Pulled the badges and put the interior on tonight.

Pat, you should make you and me a set of rear bedside armor/integrated taillight housings.
Cleaned up the 8.8 a bit today. And welded the tubes. This is with my miller 135 maxed with .030 flux... Not to shabby for some 110v heat. Good enough for me. Oh and this Sweetwater IPA is the shit.. If you guys can find some out that way get it. The 420 is really good too.

Worked on this nice TJ putting on his XRC sliders with some Copper monstaliner paint job..