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Wondering what Axles for build

And then there is the BRY brakes for the JK 2018 to 2021.

Fronts are 330 MM or 12.99 inches. They will require a different caliper mounting bracket to accommodate the dual piston caliper.

For the rear a different caliper mounting bracket with the JK regular single piston caliper. That is because the rotor diameter is increased to 12.91 inch or 328 MM.

Ironically, JK, JL and JT all have the same rotor and caliper on the front from 2019 onwards. The rear are the ones are replaced by those who chose to run tires larger than 35 inches. The master cylinders (I think) are 1 inch or 1 1/16 inch. The BRY brakes are what I am running both front and rear with the old tired 25-year-old master cylinder that came in my XJ. With the JK OEM wheels and tires, the brakes are excellent.

The BR 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 all uses the same caliper and rotor as the BRY. For the rear there are a BR?? that uses a larger diameter rotor that is vented and used on the Euro package. I do not have info on that one.
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'95 2dr Cheromanche

I just kind of like working on the jeep and my first Jeep was a XJ and I always wanted a 2 door for some reason .

If you like working on Jeeps, here's my Cheromanche project!
I give up posting pics here.
That looks nice but I wonder what the wheelbase is? The Comanches are to long for me!
Yeah they get to be long for those. Swb is about a foot longer than a xj. Want to say about 130-140in for the cheromanche. Figure what ever it is to the back of the passenger door of the XJ and about 5ft after that.
I agree this place is mostly worthless with problematic photo shareing. Many pretend there arent issues shareing photo's but i beleive there is as well naxj issue's in general.

Rcp when did thevwhite thing happen looks fun

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Correction, the Jeep is a '95 that I bought in 2005.