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Looking for parts for a mostly stock rig


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NAXJA Member
Looking for some parts -

Anyone have any stock leaf packs I can have ? Rear leaves are shot on a new stock rig. Im going to build some bastard packs. Trying to a oid paying 250$ for new stock packs when I can get 4.5” leaves for cheaper.

I need stock tires - 235/75/15 or even a 30” or 31” tire . Something that can DD so within last 4 years and something that can balance and that isnt dry rotted.

Stock isolators or 3/4” lift spacers

Late model front seats( and possibly rear) - grey color
Hey phy where are you located ?
I just threw a pair of stock-ish leaf packs in the recycle a couple weeks ago :(

I have a set of 1989 15” five-spoke wheels off the Waggy (with 10+ year old 235/75r15) or a set of 16” TJ Moab wheels (with junk tires) if you want a wheel “upgrade”.
Man I just missed your stockish leaves Phil!

As for the rims, its good to know you have some 16s , that opens up my tire choices.

I think ill be able to just buy some new 235/75/15 goodyear trailrunner ats for around 100$ a piece . Just hate the idea of buying stock tires when I could be buying 31s instead for it, but then id need to lift it, and then it will snow ball.
As for the maryland parts, I will pass on the parts in Maryland
id probably be interested in them.
I'm going to be going to Moffett field the Tuesday after Thanksgiving. Might be able to get those springs.