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Newbie with an XJ

Wander Motor

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Brig City Utah
Greetings All,

Officially new to the forum but I've been lurking for a couple of months and have appreciated the troves of knowledge and information here. Despite much searching and reading I'm still not sure..
I acquired a pretty darn clean 2001 XJ Sport a few months back and looking to get rid of the Gawd Awful looking rusty inverted stamped five spoke stockers. I'd like to "back date" (think mid-60's Wagoneer) and go with aftermarket steel, 15x7" Wheel Vintiques 12 Series Smoothie, seen here at Jeg's. https://www.jegs.com/p/Wheel-Vintiques/Wheel-Vintiques-12-Series-Smoothie-Wheels/1165009/10002/-1
It has 0* offset and 4" backspace. Best I can tell with help from wheel-size.com this will kick the wheel outboard an inch and add some positive scrub radius. Ya'll think this would work or would I need a mild lift? I won't go any higher than 2" and would prefer less. If so would you go with an AAL or shackle lift? The latter scares the crap 'outta me doing battle with crusty captivated nuts.. OR, if those wheels are not recommended should I fall back on Plan #2 and go with Wrangler/Cherokee Sawblades?
Keeping the still good, work great, 235/75-15 Firestones. Front/rear height is at 17"/16.5". Vehicle purpose is a simple, reliable, leaf peeper, public lands, fire road blaster, picnicking, weekend explorer and still be stable & comfortable on the freeway.

Thanks and take care!
You should be OK with that rim size, a lot depends on the tire profile (cross section). Make sure to check the center bore diameter also.
If you go with those I would love to see pics of the final product.
Hey RCP, sorry, not sure what you mean by cross section.

Yea I'll be sure to post some pics when it all comes together Anak, when, depends on if I need to hoist it a bit or not. Hate to put the wheels on and rubbin' the rear arches.

Thanks Numbers, body color is like an evergreen or hunter green metallic and grey cloth interior. I'd paint the wheels white but not bright appliance white, I'd tone it down slightly with tan or grey, knock the starkness out of the white. I figure some single stage fleet grade Omni packs would do it.
Hey RCP, sorry, not sure what you mean by cross section.
Basically a slice......Street treads are more rounded than a MT with big blocks that cover more width for a given tire size.
Hey All,
Update & a question. I got the Zone 2" add a leaf successfully installed and with about 100 miles of shakedown all is good except, I'm at exactly 3" higher in the rear (2" in front with the spacer, as advertised).
I've read an AAL will settle down but should I be concerned with drive shaft angle now? I had a little Wung-Wung noise from the rear at 65+ before but now it's a bit more amplified since the lift. Ya'll's thoughts are appreciated.
I got the Vintique Smoothies and hope to paint ASAP, when weather settles down next week.
I'll get pictures for ya Anak as soon as I can.