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Looking for stock LCA replacements


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Ok, I have searched the interwebs and the jeep forums for several hours now, and still no definite answers. I hope this isn't a dead horse, but

Does ANYONE make a good quality replacement LCA for a STOCK XJ? Fixed ideally. I see all the adjustable ones, I don't need that, but is it that my only option? That said, and recs on those for a stock rig. Have also heard ZJ LCA's? Anyone got specifics on that?

I see the the moogs, RK series, so not too stoked on those. Clevite bushings are what I'm looking for..? It's hard to figure out whats going on with the adjustable brands' bushings. But I have read that poly ones are not super great.

Sorry - I'm sure this is one of the questions that goes around forever. But most of the searches I've done come up with outdated info, or lack specific details.

Thanks -

1991 XJ Sport 4x4 4.0L Stock. All front end parts replaced recently, except for UCA's, LCA's.
What are you really wanting because there are lots of OEM arms available and once you go aftermarket your choices are endless!
Well since my rig is stock, I figured OEM style, but I'm not seeing anything really quality..? Word is that the moog RK series is pretty trash/china made. Any specifics on OEM fit options? I'm just not seeing anything good.

As far as aftermarket, What's the best for a stock rig. I see a few that are for lifted onlys.RC fixed need a lift. JKS look too pricey. Core4x4, I don't understand the flex bushing option thing. Just nothing seems right.

Any SPECIFIC recs?

Why not put new bushings in stock arms?
Hey - well, tbh, everything I've read says that swapping the bushings is a PITA. Plus, they are the original arms, 31 yrs and 300k miles, pretty rusty. Figured just a new swap out is easier and long overdue.
OK, found a part # on a XJ forum. Moog #CK660203. Doesn't show up on moog website or if just doing a general amazon search for my jeep. But Just ordered a pair from Amazon, $46 each. I'll report results.
A lot of WJ arm conversions out there softer ride and tire clearance.
www.RockAuto.com, choose your price/quality.

Everything OmixAda and Crown Automotive I have purchased for my Jeeps has either fit poorly, worn out quickly, or done both at once.
Ah Goose - I never saw those in my searching- those look good! Well, I'll try these Moogs I ordered. I found them without the "RK" part number (china made) so I'm hoping they work out ok. If they are trash, I'm def looking at those RE arms. Thanks for the heads up.
No problem. I have a picture of my "Superflex" Arms next to the stock arms but couldnt log into taptalk to post the pic.
As a note...upon reassembly, make sure to leave the arms loosely bolted in until the weight of the truck is on the axle.

Usually setting the front axle on a set of jack stands will be enough to set everything at ride height. If you can reach every thing with the tires on, even better..