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High Temp Split Loom, 7/8" ID


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I needed some for the MJ and ended up having to buy 75' of it.
Nice sturdy loom. Just a hair larger than the loom clipped to the manifold on a RENIX 4.0, which is part of what I used it for. Also works for the wires crossing the top of the firewall.

I have ~50'.
Located in Redlands 92374
Will cut to your needs; and will ship on your dime.
$0.30 / foot.

Product Type: High-Temp Split Wire Loom
Material: High-Temp Heat Stabilized Nylon
Size: 7/8" ID; Approximately: 1-1/8" OD
Temperature Range: -40°F to 300°F (-40°C to 149°C)
Color: Black w/ Gray Stripe



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45' still available.
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Tim, if you would stuff as much as would fit in the large flat rate box, or similar, and ship to Noah, I'll take it if no one else is speaking up for it. We can add it to our collection of terminals, connectors and wire.

David Bricker / SYR - ITO
SOLD to the man from Idaho.