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  • Hey David, I guess you aren't making it out to NacFest, sorry to hear!
    Just a quick question, I see Mac is in Vegas, and "sponsorship " hasn't replied to any requests. Do you know who exactly it is I should be hitting up directly? We have stuff for our raffle on our own, but this lack of response at all is a bit "new". I'm running out of time, my original request from months ago was lost or deleted..
    Any advice?
    I assume you are sitting in a hotel room or an airport somewhere, probably wishing you could transport yourself home or to Ridgecrest, "Scotty, beam me....."
    Glad to hear Rubublue is still kicking. He scared the heck out of two friends of mine that were riding in my XJ, on run with him. He went off the steepest hill I had ever driven the Jeep down and the looks on their faces were classic "I'm going to die".
    Not being able to lock the AW4 in first was eye opener, I soon added the ability to do so. He is a pretty good off-road driver.
    This inexpensive grocery getter has cost me a fortune but it keeps me home at night and out of the bars so the wife tolerates it. She does love our back-country tours and doesn't have much fear (or she closes her eyes). Either way, she doesn't scream too much about how I drive and is usually happy as long as she gets a front seat.
    Well, have a good evening, it's time for dinner.
    Hi David

    We have been close friends with Art and Barbara for many years and have done a bunch of desert trips with them. Art is walking encyclopedia of geology, birds and flowers and has the photos to prove it
    Barbara has had health issues the last few years and the rigors of off-roading are too hard on her so their travels have been more civilized of late. We still spend a few weekends a year with them, usually up at their place in Solvang. I remember their telling about how they got together with you and your wife, in upstate NY, on their Maritime trip a few summers ago. My wife and Barbara talk weekly and they just had lunch together a week ago.
    To be continued, I ran out of characters.
    Larry Wade
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