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collection of jeep stuff(build/blog)


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Santa Cruz
Ok well not so sure where to start this thread but at this point I need a place to compile my jeep photos, stories, build, and other crap. For those who care read on lol

Unfortunately I lost my previous phone to the ways of mother nature..
don't ask
So most of my early photos are no longer. Thankfully now I have an iPhone and its all backed up on cloud.

Anyways little info

1999 2 door XJ 4.0 Auto
Currently 148k~ AVG 16mpg
33x12.5x15 MT/R Kevlars
RE 5.5" Long arms
FST Shackle relocators
Chry 8.25 w/ 4.56 gears and a Detroit locker
Dana 30 matching gears open carrier
Riddler diff covers
Bilstein 5150 Front shocks w/ BPE and stem adapters
White bodies in the rear w/ BPE
Ruffstuff 1 Ton OTK steering
Ruffstuff OTA track bar
JCR rear bumper
Rigid front bumper
JCR Stage 3 sliders
pro comp wheels 15x10
No sway bars

Weathertech mats
H4 Headlights
784 Injectors
Tinted front and rear
led rock lights

probably more I will add later

Anyways so what really got me hooked on 4 wheeling was a stock 98 ford ranger I had. Was my first truck and I LOVED it :) apologize for big pics
Early in her life:

All grown up:

And as you already know all great things come to an end.. Unfortunately lil red's was short lived.. No nobody was hurt luckily; this happened in the rain .. Flew off an embankment on HWY 9 into a tree.
http://i990.photobucket.com/albums/af25/pwsc_7/Mobile Uploads/image_zpsf5dd18fc.jpg
Still miss that truck

I moved on.. Had a 2003 GMC Sierra 1500 z71 for a few months after that.
Didn't like it.. So I sold it and was on the hunt for something I could wheel. I specifically wanted a 2 dr cherokee.. Thought the looks were tits! Didn't know much on jeeps until I owned one. Luckily I got a 99.. I feel lucky at least LOL Yadayada yahhhhh 2 years later she's lifted locked and trimmed up. I try not to do botch or half assed work.. Although I do rush myself at times I try to always do it right. Nobody has ever showed me how to work on cars. Everything Ive learned has been from online forums, my chiltons, and hands on work. I do have buddies that have helped me with welding and whatnot.
Anyways I'm tired of typing and you're tired of reading

heres my 99


And recently I just purchased a 1987 jeep/amc Cherokee Chief 2 Door
260k Manual 4.0 renix 4x4
Rear tire carrier
Dana 44 rear
Really clean I can't even find a door ding..Seriously its body is more clean than my 99 when I got it. carpets are dirty but the tan interior is still really nice.. no rips seats fold.
She actually runs really well. Small oil leak on valve cover some odds and ends
I can tell its never even been on a dirt road thing is so nice underneath.
Bought it off a grandpa for $800 SCORE
I tuned it up with a ground refresh, fresh oil change, plugs, cap, wires, o2.
Passed smog like a champ

Super stoked on making this a DD. Might do a mild lift with some nice tires and wheels once I get it all cherries up. I might be making my cherokee a trailer QUEEN and using my dads 2500HD suburban w/ 8.1L gas engine for towing..
We'll see

Plenty more I can ramble on about but I'm getting sleepy.. more to come
Glad to have met you at Sierra Fest last year. Your '99 is a nice clean rig, and now you have potentially the best of both worlds with the '87 (who wouldn't want to own one in that condition???)
I am digging the DD Xj as well as the trail rig.
Thank you guys! Ya I actually talked him down to $800. Then drove to south San Jose and look at another that was a pos. Also looked at a pos comanche. Called him back and drove out to prunedale again and picked her up.
On a side note. At hollister the other day my 99 drove fine all day long. After getting back on the road and all through the back roads of hollister hills it got on to hwy 156 and my jeep would cut out and want to die the more throttle I gave it. I had to feather it and only go about 1/4 throttle. I limped it the roughly 45 miles back. Had to pull over and restart the jeep about a dozen times. I haven't had time since then to check it out but I did get a bank 1 sensor lean code.
Anyways happy turkey day to all!!
So after digging into my 99's recent problems here is a list:
No headlights highs/low - replaced headlight switch and multifunction switch
No power door locks
Airbag light comes on and off frequently

Got a bank 1 sensor lean code cleared that checked TPS was getting .15v output 5.1 input and no change in voltage from throttle position. Replaced TPS with a spare JEEP TPS I had in my shed. No change in voltage. Cleared codes reset PCM and drove around the block.. Still had a problem codes came back high tps voltage and low.. Totally stumped..

I did read this little bit today.
TPS CODE P0123 WILL NOT CLEAR COMPLAINT: CAUSE: CORRECTION: A late model Jeep with a 2.5 or 4.0 liter engine and the AW4 transmission comes in with the “MIL” Lamp illuminated and a complaint of late shifts. A scan reveals a code P0123, “TPS Voltage High”, is stored. The scan tools data list indicates that the TPS signal wire voltage is at 5.0 volts at closed throttle, and then ranges up to 11.5 volts. A backup check of the TPS signal wire (usually is an Orange/Dk Blue wire), shows 5.7 volts at closed throttle, with a similar rise in voltage as the throttle is opened. A check of the TPS 5 volt supply and ground circuit prove that both of these circuits are good. A check of the TPS signal wire with the TPS disconnected shows the same 5.7 volts. The technician now begins an inspection of the wiring between the TPS and the PCM and TCM to no avail. A replacement TPS does not cure the problem, neither does replacement of the PCM or TCM. The Switch Sense circuit in the Clockspring in the steering wheel hub has shorted to battery voltage from the horn button circuit. When the Switch Sense Circuit shorts to the 12 volt HORN circuit the TPS signal voltage is driven high and remains there as shown in Figure 1. This is because the 5 volt reference voltage used by the Cruise “Switch Sense” circuit and the TPS are shared inside the PCM. Replace the Clockspring assembly. Once the Clockspring has been replaced, be sure to check the sensor 5volt reference voltage at the PCM to insure that circuit has not been damaged by the short to power. Also check the TPS signal range to insure the TPS has not been fried.
haha ya I sure miss it. I still think about building a ranger pre runner.

I finally narrowed my problem down to my clock spring.
Off to pick and pull in Newark tomorrow to see if the only 97+ in the area has it. Plus a few other odds and ends
If not I guess I'll spring the green stamps for a new one.

It would also be interesting to see if this is why my headlights and door locks aren't working also. This all happened within a couple days of each other
the jeep gods are ****ing with me..
Changed the clock spring with a JY one from a 97 yesterday.. drove it around the block and it died on me in the street.. would start but die immediately.. SHUWEET.
This morning I put some gas in it because my gas light had come on at this point about 2 gal, and started it up and unplugged the TPS. It died immediately. restarted it without tps plugged in and let the map do its thing. Turned it off. reset codes. turned it back on with TPS plugged in and drove perfect…
Still have no headlights and no door locks

But at least she's rollin again F*CK!!
All this ford ranger talk is getting the wheels turning in my head. I have always wanted to build a ranger into a crawler.
WELL 2014 is here (yay)
So I've started to compile a list in google docs of things I need to buy, want to buy, need to install, and a list of trail needs.
Holy shit this list is long!

I think my first order of operations will be to install the parts I have sitting around my house.. as in that 2 door upper 1/4 panel armor with slider bar :)
I have the materials just need to bend the DOM.

I'm planning on a trip to Hawaii at the end of Jan so that's a chunk of time (and $$$$$)
I am also real into surfing so that consumes a lot of my time and more $$$$

Hope to update this thread soon will some updated progress
the quarter panel sliders will be nice. Do you live in the bluffs above sea bright? while driving around santa cruz on monday I saw a white XJ that looked pretty built in front of a place above seabright…
Dude thats awesome. It was funny. I pointed to the rig and told my girlfriend " I bet you I know that guy just by looking at the rig out front" and she thought it was funny. I had a buddy that used to live off of first street close to bradys yacht club - I love that bar. We used to skim board on sea bright a lot, but that was like 7 years ago….I have a ridiculous fear of sharks and deep water(no idea why though) so ill never really go into the ocean to even try surfing...