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1987 Jeep Comanche


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Well this is my first MJ I was able to purchase.
I tried to buy one a few times over the years since I was 16 and never really worked out until this one came along.

I bought it needing some reassembly and repairs.
Right now it’s an 2.5l ax-4 4x4 it was originally a 2wd truck.
Since buying it I have done a lot in the past 2 years or so

I’ll add more info when I have time 😬

Before and now
After purchasing I had to reassemble most of the interior. The PO did a patch job on the floor and used some crazy epoxy stuff to coat the floors.
While doing so I rebuilt the bench seat mounts that were rotted away, added a full cluster to replace the dummy cluster, put a wood grain dash trim in, bought a dash cover, replaced the broken side cab lights, installed new carpet, I bought Laredo Cherokee door cards and chrome handle trim pieces and I cut down a 97+ console into a mini console and painted it to match since the original mini console was busted up.
And I also upgraded the steering wheel.
I took a sort wheel and stripped off the junk wrap, cleaned it, rewrapped the wheel with an Amazon wrap, and installed it with a black horn button with a new amc Jeep horn button logo
On the exterior I cleaned up the outside some and covered it with boiled linseed oil. Replaced the door handles with metal chrome ones. I added bumper push pads and then found a push bar added some old hella lights I had. I put some upcountry coil springs up front to level it out. I refurbished some Jeep wheels and put 31” iron man tires on them.
Found a better bed liner and a toolbox so I had more storage.
Cleaned up and repainted the rear bumper.
I replaced all of the front header plastics with new chrome ones.
I swapped out the CAD 30 for a freshened up regular d30.
I think that covers most of the things I’ve done outside. I have a factory swb roll bar I want to install this year yet and find a smaller toolbox to fit between it. I also bought a hitch from scarfab I have yet to install.
In the engine bay I had to extract a broken manifold stud, installed a new exhaust header back, full tune up, deleted the smog crap, Upgraded the valve cover to an aluminum one, and fixed all the vacuum lines


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My future plans for it still are to install the factory roll bar, install my new hitch, a 3ish inch lift and either do a straight 6 ax15 swap or a 5.3ls and ax15 swap.
What year are those "Opera" lights from? The ones above the seat belt on the B pillar. My 87 has square corners on them. That and the plastic clips have finally broke, again. My last set.
What year are those "Opera" lights from? The ones above the seat belt on the B pillar. My 87 has square corners on them. That and the plastic clips have finally broke, again. My last set.
I just tried looking for them. I believe these are the same thing I may have got mine directly from their site when I got them. Looks like you can find them on Amazon and maybe somewhere else too. No longer available on eBay apparently either.

I believe I found out about them either from a Facebook Comanche page or forum
Cool! Much appreciated. Mine are currently dangling by the wires. Fragile little *****.