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Calico night run??


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Williams AZ
So I guess we might as well start its own thread here.

First topic of discussion is date?

I'm good with a...
Friday night run on March 19th or
Saturday run on the 20th or
Friday night run on March 26th or
Saturday run on the 27th

Opinions, availability, other options???
I'm available for any of those days. Either Saturday would be ideal. Either way count in!

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I’d prefer a Saturday as I probably won’t get off work until about 5.

But either weekend works
Are we camping out there after?
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Very tempting. The wife was just talking about how she didn't get to go the year we had SoCalFest there.

Not sure how my JK will do on the trails I took my XJ on. It's a Rubicon and I just got some 285/70s on it, about 33". I might be able to come out on a Saturday and run a few trails, even if I have to go on easier ones. I made it through Gold Mountain with the stock 32" tires.

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Dark one,

JK Will be just fine at calico. You have sliders and skids, right?

To all who have not been,

Calico is doable on 31s with open diffs if you have sliders and armor. You will require a strap in a couple spots. If you have lockers, it will be an "easy" trail.
And fyi, im in spot O 35. O is the offroaders area.

There are only about 5 spots left in O, and they are pretty much all down in the corner by the one I got.