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General Information


Only Marble Sharp
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The 20th Anniversary NAXJA SoCal Fest will be held April 19th - 21st, 2024 at Calico Ghost Town. We will be based in the campground.

As always, the family friendly event is open to all.

The first annual event was held at Calico January 30 - 31, 2004. If you have any photos or memories from the 2004 event feel free to post them here. I have some pics around here somewhere; I'll have to dig for them.

HQ for Saturday night is Cabin #8, that's where the raffle and dinner will be held.

Raffle and meal tickets will be available for presale in the Chapter Store. Raffle tickets will also be available for purchase at the event prior to the drawing.

Event garments must be preordered in the chapter store prior to the yet to be announced cut off date.

Chapter swag may be purchased in the Chapter Store and picked up at the event, or purchased at the event.

Trail runs will range from difficult to mild/scenic.

Map link to Calico.

Link to campground reservation website

Link to Chapter Store.
Deadline for ordering event shirts/hoodies is Saturday 4/13, 11:59 p.m.
Deadline for ordering Event Meal Tickets is Wednesday 4/17, Noon PDT.
If it wasn't for flash flood considerations, I was kinda hoping for some rain. Our luck it would have been snow, though. OTOH, snow would have been fun. For everyone except Peter! :ROFLMAO:
Meal tickets are no longer available in the Chapter Store. Raffle tickets are available through the store, or at the event. price will be the same.
There is construction at Highway 38 and at Hesperia on your way here. Don't know if it's just at night, or if they'll work through the weekend. The 15 was down to one or two lanes heading to Barstow. Took forever to get here Thursday night.