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Announcement: Colorado Chapter is now the proud adoptee of the Kingston Peak Trail!

Sounds good. I know that trail is scarce during the winter months. But really crowded during the usual spring summer time. Even during the week days plenty of people there.
That's what I'm referring too. Whenever the votes are tallied and the date set I'm hoping more people will attend.
This poll will close on August 31st, 2014 at 22:47

Weird, it does not show up until you vote.
Look at you, chomping at the bit. I like it!!!!!!!!!! :D
I'll be at a funeral in WYO. Have fun.
facts is facts, man.
The trail is plenty wide. I could drive a HMMWV through it w/o scratching it up.

What year Power Wagon?
Ahhh, the original new power wagon. I like those a lot. What happened to the mega cab?