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Kingston Peak, late notice!!!!!!!!


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NAXJA Member
Golden, CO
OK, it is not all that bad, but if anyone can go Sunday and volunteer some hours, it would be appreciated. :cool:

I'll keep this thread updated as much as possible.

Maribeth Pecotte said:
Hi Mike –
I got your name from Brant Wobig on the Clear Creek Ranger District. I understand your club has adopted the Kingston Peak Road. Last week some heavy equipment work was done to de-compact and fill the big mud holes (I’m sure you know the ones, right about at the Boulder/Clear Creek Ranger District boundary with the 500-foot length of buck and rail fencing – the fence has been knocked or blown over in the past). In preparation for the equipment work, we had to disassemble the entire length of fence and move it to the approximate location where it needs to be reconstructed.

Now we are seeking help with reconstructing the fence along its new alignment, and we are hoping that can be done as soon as possible, before users undo the work that was done. I have another partner group (NORAC – Nissan Off-Road Association of Colorado) that is planning a work day in another location this Sunday, but I’m thinking about asking them to redirect to this project along Kingston Peak Road. We didn’t want to step on your toes and work with a different organization on the road you’ve adopted. Is there any possibility your group would be able to help out with rebuilding that fence this weekend?

In the longer term, the NORAC group has expressed interest in adopting the route along with your club, but heard you’d beaten them to it. We’d like to know how your group would feel about sharing adoption of that road with the NORAC group out of Boulder Ranger District.

Thanks for your consideration –

My reply:

Hypoid said:
Hi Maribeth,

Thanks for the notice! Currently, 80% of our voting membership has selected September 26th as our final Adopt-a-Road day. However, I will post this text on our site.

I take it that participants would be volunteers under the scope of work for Forest Service Employees:
Is there a meeting place and time?
Do we need to specify which group we belong to, for the recording of volunteer hours?

Please feel free to redirect NORAC to this work on Sunday September 13. If there is any work remaining, please keep us advised of the need.

When we Adopted FS 353, I studied the MVUMs and realized that the northern end of our trail meandered through, and was a boundary for two different Forest Service Districts. I wondered if there would be a lag in communication and response between districts. Your query serves as encouragement!

As an organization that wishes to keep public lands open to the public, NORAC gets a "tip-o-the-hat" from the Colorado Chapter of NAXJA. I am interested in the potential that can be realized at the north end of the trail. Please forward my warm regards to NORAC. I look forward to exploring the benefit that both clubs can provide to this area.

Respectfully, Michael Glasier
NAXJA-Colorado Chapter
I got a reply this afternoon:

Hi Mike –
The NORAC group will plan to go up this Sunday to rebuild the 500 feet of fence by the mud holes. They are meeting at the site at 0900 and hoping to be done in time to watch the Broncos game. I think if NAXJA members decide to come out this Sunday, they can report their hours through NAXJA.
We’ll let you know if additional work needs done on the 26th, and we look forward to working with you in the future!