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Huge thanks to the Sierra Chapter and other chapters and National! Rtf donation


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NAXJA Member
Huge thanks to every one in our chapter, Ryan and art from Socal, other socal guys like nimrod and justin, and for National for matching our land use donation ! In total we donated 4000$ to the rtf tonight at their monthly bod meeting and gordon, alan, mike and I were there to present the check!

Thanks to you all for buying raffle tickets at the raffles and buying shirts at the events!

There is more to come! At the rtf workday in june we will be picking our own naxja spot on their property !

Huge thanks to Alan, Gordon and Mike for their hard work you guys have no clue how many countless hours we put into this chapter !

Thanks to all of our Raffle sponsors since without them, there would be no raffle to raise money !!



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Great news and money well spent!
My hat is off to you guys for making this happen :thumbup:
That's great. Thanks for all the hard work.