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Funeral for the Colorado Chapter of NAXJA

I’m posting this here too. This is the only thread that is alive; sad... this is bullshit.

I need some shit to start going the fuk on here. It’s goddamn dead. There hasn’t been one thing that has happened in the Colorado chapter in probably over a year. I’m calling the leadership out.

Fix it. I hope you’re offended. That means you care. Please get active.

I can't quite tell if you're serious or not.

This forum has been plenty dead for quite some time. Forums in general have been struggling for years. Social media is where everything has migrated. I honestly feel a little crazy stating this as it's been the situation for so long.

There is a core group of us that keep up with each other on SM/in real life which is great and sometimes the season of life just takes us in different directions. I hope to get out and wheel this year with Jeff, Led, Fred, etc.

Building, leading, and keeping a group going takes work and if not given the proper attention it doesn't work. Hosting events and trail runs takes work. Your style of motivation, in my experience, doesn't seem to generate solid results.

I'm hoping to get out 4-5 times this year and would LOVE to meet up with anyone on here.
Quite a few of us been there...done that.

National stopped giving a hoot outside of their local chapters a long time ago.

Tis the reason many (most) of us don't red letter up anymore...does nothing but line National's pockets without a red cent much going towards our chapter.

Even when we'd hold an event, next to no one showed.

Solid "meh" anymore.

This, exactly.
Chris! Good to see you again. We can definitely set something up when the shop is done.

Here is a pic from this morning:

Do that, Matt, you have my digits! :cheers:
Sorry to hear of it's passing.

I was a member of the ColoradoXJ Yahoo Group, and Joined NAXJA at behest of a number of members there who were trying to form a Chapter here.

Only managed to make it to 1 CO event, but it was an adventure.

Nothing has been discussed officially about disbanding. Once things open up and the ice clears, I plan to set up several outings and meet-n-greets.
I'm just posting to see if I'm still red lol