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Andy need some axle help


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Hows it going,

I lost your phone # so I could not call. What have you heard about a 9 inch currie front end. I talked to currie, but they sell them so I need some unbiased info. I would appreciate any help.

Thanks Byron
Basically, a high pinion nine inch front is the same strength as a HP44, with the possible advantage of pinion strength.

Shafts are 31 spline, so they will have to be custom units. Joints will be 297/760 size (same as a 44). The sheet metal housings are nice because you can weld directly to them without fear of breaking the casting, llike on a 44.

Air Lockers for a 9 inch are leakage prone, but are strong.

Any more Q's? 530-367-5829.