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Question regarding axle seals on a Dana 30


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Have an 01, and was replacing my front wheel bearings/hubs. Noticed some lubricant in the tubes, so decided to go ahead and replace the axle seals while I had the axles out. Punched the old seals out ,and there is a rubber ring/seal that came out as part of the process that is not on/included in the new seals. One of those grey rubber rings tore. Is this a part/component of the old factory seals that is unneeded, or do I need something in addition to the new seals? Appreciate any help/info.
Pictures would help.

Lacking pictures I am going to guess that what you are looking at is the silicone used to seal the axle tubes to the cast center, a vestige left over from when Dana assembled the complete housing.
I second Anak, although on my 1997 the silicone was red/orange in color. In that case, there is no need for replacement. Just remove it.
The two gentlemen above nailed it. Oem squeeze out.
I’ve had these pseudo o rings look almost like a perfect o ring… it’s amazing.