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Advice on a LQ4 and 4L80E going in a 98.


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I bought a 98 Limited for spare parts and since it looks like I have found the last registered owner and will be getting the title issues straightened out I’ve decided to drop in a LQ4 from a 2000 Chevy K2500 with 131k miles. The truck was bought from Copart with a rotted and cracked frame but the drivetrain is solid and runs and drives fine. So I’m looking for ideas on keeping the truck intake and possibly cutting the hood and welding in a metal cowl or raising the center of the factory hood to clear the Vortec intake. If you have done the swap do you need car setup accessory drive or will the trucks belt and pulls locations clear the inner fenders and steering linkage? I have a 8.8 4.10 LSD to clean up and weld new brackets on for the rear, would the HP30 be up to the task of the added power of the 6.0? Ordering the engine mounts from Novak, and most likely their adapter to keep the XJ’s transfer case. Or would it be easier to keep the NP from the Chevy and find a place for the push button 4wd?