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Swapping a Vortec 6.0LQ4 in my 98

Rockwood, I’m looking into Dakota Digital, just not a fan of the 0-100 fuel readout they have one their dash panel kit.

Skruffy, thanks for the heads up on trans tunnel clearance. Did you use the stock XJ shifter and console? I’m just going to go with a Holley Terminator X Max harness and tuner since I don’t want to mess with weeding out the factory harness and Novak was around $800 to rewire my stock one. This has been placed on the back burner since I have to complete my wife’s 98TJ frame caps, and any day my daughters RE 4.5” Super Flex is supposed to get here for her 98 Sport. Yeah I’m going with a 2 spd Atlas so once I get it all in place I’ll have to measure for new driveshafts and putting the 8.8 out back. Hoping to have this all wrapped up by August to take them to Ocean City, MD for Jeep week.
I used a lokar shifter which took some effort and fabrication to install but is now working properly including tap shifting. Remember though I have a 6L80 so it could be a bit different. I was also forced to replace the tcase shift linkage due to intercede fence with the lokar shifter. For this I used the Novak cable one which is a worthy upgrade for any Cherokee.