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A few requests


NAXJA Member #576
Can I get my member # 576 under my name, how do I get an avatar? I shrank down the photo I want to use to smaller than the recomended size and it still says that is is too big. And lastly I can't get into the members forum but I used to be able to. Hope that wasn't too much to ask.
Your member number is now included and your access to the members forum was already enabled. We've moved away from the older style of forums to this format and you can access the New Members Only forum at:

The other new Members Only forum is the Member News and Information forum which you can access here:

The first forum is just like the older members forum except for the format, while the second forum is a new place for members to keep up with the ongoings of the BOD and club in general.

The Forum Fixer will be able to assist you with your Avatar request, though please contact me if you have any other questions about Members Forum Access. Thanks!
my member # doesnt seem to have been included and I still can't figure out how to get my avatar to work but I can now get onto the members forum which is a nice start
There we go...member number fixed. Forum Fixer'll help ya with that avatar when he checks in next
What dimensions and file size is the avatar you want to use?
Prefered size is 60X60

If it istill gives you an error, you can e-mail it to me, or just put it up on your web site and use the "remote link" avatar feature... that way you don't have to wait for me to update it. :)