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No Cigarette lighter power 89 XJ


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I need to get power to the cigarette lighter with out going to extremes when the ignition switch is off. I forget if mine ( 89 Renix 4.0 Wagoneer ) had power when off (and now something went bad?) or not. Been too moons ago since I payed attention.

I want to set up solar battery maintainer plugged into the cigarette lighter, but it looks like the Ignition switch cuts power to it when off... Which sucks..

Do I need to by pass the Ignition switch? What is the easiest way, location to tap one in...

Looking for experienced ideas, if any one has fiddled with this...

10 years I would have crawled under the dash and figured it out, but my joints are not what they use to be, not as flexible as I was once was...

So I hope I get some good ideas first...
Yeah, lighter is a switched circuit. However, the digital clock is always on. Should be a red or Red-Tan wire that has 12v key off and out. Since it's right above the lighter, should be easy. Not sure if it will handle the charging.

The hazard/stop light fuse also has power.
Can also check up in the hole for the visors to see if the one-wire connector for the lighted vanity mirrors is in there, that's always on too (I tapped into that one to power my CB when mounted it above the rearview mirror), but it's also a small wire (probably around 18-20gauge.

How much current is this solar maintainer going to be capable of?
There are definitely a few easy spots to grab power if you don't want to tap off the fusebox. There is power at the glovebox light, and I think interior/underdash lights have power and get turned on when the door switch provides the ground.

When refurbished my fusebox, I added a terminal to one of the empty accessory spots at the top, and ran the wire to a outlet in my center console. It looks stock, instead of using a fuse tap. It's really nice having an always-on power outlet in the center console instead of the middle of the dash.