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3" lifts


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I'm new to the world of XJ and have a stock 89. I want to get a 3" lift to run 31's but don't know what brand or set-up to get. I've read that replacing the front arms is not required for this height. Any advice is greatly appreciated.
It depends how much coin you want to spend. Rustys has a good cheep 3 inch lift that will fit 31's. But if you have the money go with Rubicon Express.
I went with the Skyjacker system.They have new control arms (lower) and a new rear spring pack.
Which ever way you go get a new spring pack for the rear,most who have used an a "add-a-leaf" spring end up getting a new spring pack anyway.
Actually Wayne that's now always true...

I got a no-name brand back in February of '01. Ordered it from JC Whitney. Anyway, came with coils, a short AAL, and a 1" block (Ugh!, replace that with a shackle!). Anyway, I got lucky and my sagging rear didn't start sagging fast. Right now if anything my rear is sitting higher than the front (and that's a recent development, before that it was level as you can be).


In hind sight I say go with a long add-a-leaf. They're just a better way to go and they don't promote leaf sag nearly as much as the shorty's. Try to avoid a lifting block as much as you can out back, blocks are not friendly with leaf springs (extra leverage with axle wrap, turns spings into pretzils). Go with a longer shackle instead if you have to.

Also, most if not all the blocks available commercially are cast aluminum. Marginal in strength even for street use. At NACFest, one lad who really really should have known better was wheeling with blocks, and BOTH of his blocks shattered. He had to be towed back to the staging area.

First choice = new spring packs

Second choice = full-length AAL

Third choice = leave it stock