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XJ Tire sizes??


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South East PA
I just bought a 2000 Jeep XJ with 10,000 miles, to use as a daily driver , but I cant seem to leave it alone. My question is what size tires can I put on it without lifting it. Since it's the family's transportation I dont want to go over board on it yet. Also does anyone know any websites that hase the stock tech info on XJ's. Any other tips or info would be great too. Thanks alot , Ryan:)
if the suspension isnt sagging, maybe a 29" tire (they make a 29" swamper i think too ;) )
If you're looking for the metric sized tires, 235/75R15's seem to work for most people. They are a decent sized tire, and fill out the wheel wells nicely. The newer XJ's are supposed to have slightly different wheel well openings and may not work as well with this size as they did on my '87 . . . so you may want to get more info from someone with experience on your vintage vehicle.
235/75R15 should work nicely on a 2000. On a '96 or older many people can run a 30x9.50R15 but the slight changes to the flares in 1997 makes that less likely on the new ones.
i run 30's on my 99 often and i get soft rubbing on the rear of the rear wheelwell when the suspension compresses... but my rear springs are a bit tired too and the 30's i run are VERY agressive. an A/T type 30 would probably pose no problem at all...